Special Equipment Service

Motor vehicleWOLSWAGEN CRAFTER-50 BAUR CABEL TEST. The car is designed to identify and search ofthe precipice of cable structures.

Motor vehicleVESTERGAARD ELEPHANT BETA 15 is designed for anti-icing treatment of all types of aircrafts. Equipped with three tanks for liquids: tank No.1 - 4000l, No.2 tank - 2000 l, tank No3 - 2000 l. Motor vehicle has equipment for automatic heating of fluid, minimum heating up to+60, maximum heating +85, and also has adispenser for proportional fluid mixing. Maximum liftof the arrow-19m.

Motor vehicle VOLSWAGEN SHARAN ASFT – has measurement instrumentation to determine runway friction coefficient.

Rapid response motor vehicle SERWIS TRUCK (repair), on the basis of MAN chassis is designed for rapid transportation of the personnel for repair operations. The car is equipped with all the necessary tools.

Universal container loader TREPEL CHAMP 300 PALLET \ CONTEINER LOADER. CHAMP 300 is designed to serve the wide-bodied aircrafts: A300,310,330,340,380, B747,757,767,777,787, DC10,11.
Maximum capacity – 30 tons.
The maximum height of the platform lift - 5600 mm.
The minimum lowering of the platform – 508 mm.

Fuel Dispenser on MAN TGL 8.180 Euro 4 chassis. The vehicle is designed for operational refueling of all types of aircraft through a hydrant system. There are 2 dispensing hoses with a diameter of 63 mm. Filling speed - up to 4000 liter\minute.

Ground power supply GUINAULT GPU GA 150 kWA, 115V\400Hz, ground power unit is equipped with Turbo Diesel, there are 2 main power supply sets for 115\400 Hz and 1 additional power supply set for 28V.

The Air Launch Unit (ASU) GS 350 is designed to start all types of aircraft engines. Compressor air discharge -350lbs, operating pressure -42psi. The unit is equipped with a diesel engine BF8M1015 454 kW.