Special Equipment Service

Ground support air-conditioning vehicle "COMBICTHERM TRACU SC 7500 HAT" is designed to supply air-conditioning to the cabin of the aircraft. The vehicle is equipped with a system of recognizing the type of aircraft for the adequate supply of chilled or hot air into the cabin.
Maximum cooling temperature of up to – 15C’
Maximum heating temperature of up to + 45 C’

Ground support vehicle for aircraft washing"ELEPHANT MY" on MAN truck chassis. The vehicleis designed for washingall types of aircrafts. Total capacity of the tank –5600liters, detergent tank capacity –250liters. Maximum lifting height- 12,5 m.,thevehicleis equipped with adosing system (mixing) of water and detergent.

Mini tractor MULAG TOWING TRACTOR COMET-12, designed for towing light aircrafts and helicopters.

Mini tractor MULAG TOWING TRACTOR COMET-3, is designed to transport luggage carts and cargo pallets, with a towing force -3000 kg. Maximum speed -25 km/h.

Car for leading the sun Toyota Hallux. The vehicle is equipped with intra-airport communication, flashing beacons and a follow ME scoreboard.

Motor vehicle DOLL Sissor Vehicle based on MAN chassis with a lifting body for servicing the luggage compartments of the aircraft.

Motor vehicleToyota Hais with high ceilings, designed to transport CIP, VIP passengers. 
Seating capacity up to 15 people.

Ambulance car Mercedes-Bens 324. The car is equipped with all the necessary medicines and equipment for delivering first aid in the airport complex.