Special Equipment Service

Aircraft towing tractor "GOLDHOFER AST-1X 490" is designed for towing aircrafts with weight up to – 600 tons, of types: A300,310,330,340,350,380-800, B767,777,787,747-100 / 200/300/400 \ 8

Aircraft towing tractor "GOLDHOFER AST-2 R210", designed for towing aircraft of types: B727, 737\200-800, B757,767,777,787, A300,310,318,319,320,321,330,340 to the front support (chassis).
Towing capacity – 400tons.

Catering lift vehicle «DOLL CATERING» on MAN truck chassis is designed to service aircraft kitchen.
Maximum lifting body - 6.000mm
Minimum service point - 1.400mm
Body weight lifting capacity - 4.000kg
The car is designed to handle all types of aircraft.

Ground support vehicle "MALLAGHAN" TSU 3000W, on MAN chassis with a lifting platform for the operator, is designed for toilet waste service operations of the aircraft. 
Capacity of the water tank – 1000 liters
Capacity of the sewage tank - 2000 liters

Ground support vehicle "MALLAGHAN" WSU 3000W on MAN truck chassis with a lifting platform for the operator, is designed to service the kitchen of the aircraft with drinking water.
Water tank capacity - 2500 liters
Waste tank capacity– 500 liters

Ground support vehicle AIRCRAFT TOW TRACTOR TMX 400-300 is designed to tow aircrafts by means of the driving device. The tractor is equipped with a system CRAB.
Towing capacity - up to 100 tons.

Aircraft refueling tanker KUNZ REFUELLER with tank capacity – 20000literson MAN truck chassis. Refueling rate – 2600liters\minute,vehicle is designed for refueling aircraftsand helicopters,vehicle is equipped with two 63mm diameter distributing hoses, length of the hoses - 30m.

Aircraft refueling tanker KUNZ REFUELLER with tank capacity - 45000liters.
Refueling rate -3000 liters \ minute. Vehicle has two distributing hoses of 63mm in diameter, length - 30m.