Preflight security check

 Preliminary security check of persons entering the terminal

1. Preliminary security check of persons entering the terminal

 Flight registration

2. Flight registration

 Customs and border inspection

3. Customs and border inspection

 Border and migration control

4. Border and migration control

Preflight security check

5.Preflight security check

Passengers on international flights are required to go through flight registration, customs, border and migration control, as well as preflight security check.

 Preliminary security check of persons entering the terminal

1. Preliminary security check of persons entering the terminal

 Flight registration

2. Flight registration

 Passport control

3. Passport control

 Preflight security check

4. Preflight security check

Passengers on domestic flights after registration are required to go through preflight security check

For preflight formalities the passengers must have a passport and a printed boarding pass.
Please note that taking any photo or video in passport and customs zones is prohibited.


Based on “Instructions on the procedure for performance of hand luggage and personal search of passengers of civil aircrafts and removal of goods, cargo and items prohibited carrying on board of civil aircrafts of Turkmenistan”

- Airport hand luggage, checked baggage and personal search of passengers of civil aircrafts as well as those in transit, both on domesticand international flights is carried out in order to ensure the flight safety, protect the life and health of passengers and crew members, intersect possible hijacks of civil aircrafts ships and other acts of illegal interference in the aviation activity by criminal elements as well as preventing the illegal transport of explosives, poisoning, flammable and radioactive substances, weapons, ammunition and other dangerous goods and items, envisaged in the List of hazardous substances and items, prohibited for transportation on civil aircrafts.( see Doc.8973, edition 10,2017. Aviation Safety Guidelines).

On entry to Ashgabat International Airport premises the screening through the metal detector, inspection of personal belongings and the personal search of all visitors, if needed, as the preliminary check are to be carried out to provide the safety of passengers.

These measures are to be taken for the safety of both in the terminal buildings and on board the planes.

By Turkmenistan Air Code, Article 72, Paragraph 2 the contract of air transportation is considered invalid if the passenger refuses to pass the pre-flight check control.

The mark (stamping, composter etc.) is made on a ticket (apart from the electronic ticket) and (or) on the boarding pass on passing the pre-flight security check of the passenger and carry on personal items.

The inspection of passengers and their hand luggage on the domestic flights is carried out after check in procedure, the inspection on the international flights – after the customs and border controls.

Please note that any shooting as well as video ones are prohibited in the passport and customs inspection zones.

    • Please prepare Your Boarding Pass and the Identifying Document.
    • Remove and place your outer clothing, head covers, belts, watches and other metallic items into the plastic basket. You may be asked to take off the boots.
    • Put your mobile phones, lighters, cigarettes, coins, keys and other metal items either into your hand luggage or into the plastic container, place separately the electronic devices (laptops, tablets, etc).
    • Put your hand luggage onto the screening belt horizontally. Don’t put it on the edge of the belt- being switched on the belt may run backwards which may cause the fall of the belongings.

The passengers with pace makers undergo the manual control avoiding the application of technical or other special tools. The departing passenger with a pace maker is obliged to report the presence of such application to the security officer during the inspection of travel documents or getting ready for such an inspection.

  • Passengers are required to comply with all the instructions of the airport staff, conducting security checks.


  • Magnetic materials
  • Stun devices
  • Radioactive substances
  • Poisonous or toxic substances, packages with infectious material, mercury, antifreeze, brake fluid or similar.
  • Compressed or liquefied gases: propane or similar, pepper-spray balls, the lighter (except for one small lighter without unabsorbed liquid fuel other than liquefied gas, carried with you) and etc.
  • Flammable substances: Acetone, gasoline, matches (except one small package of safety matches carried with you), cans with paint, etc.
  • Flammable solids: substances prone to spontaneous fire or emit flammable gases when contacted with water, etc.
  • Corrosive, erosive substances: mercury, acids, alkalis, organic peroxide, etc.
  • Explosive substances or objects filled with explosives: gunpowder, ammunition, capsules, detonators, pyrotechnics, etc.

Attention: In the airport please refrain from any jokes as: "bomb", "acid" and so on. A passenger can be removed from the flight, and reported to the Interior Ministry for further proceedings and criminal prosecution.


  • Liquids and gels in containers of more than 100 ml.
  • Weapons of any kind and objects imitating them.
  • Knives or other sharp objects: corkscrews, scissors, needles, axes, ice axes, blades, knives, swords, daggers, etc.
  • Shock or crushing weapons: clubs, batons of various kinds, unarmed combat weapons, etc.
  • Tools: saws, crowbars, drills, bits, etc.

The weapons of passengers shall be mandatorily handed to the airport aviation security staff for registration and will be handed to the crew members for temporary storage during the flight. The registration and transfer of weapons on board of an aircraft is carried out no later than 1.5 hours before departure of the flight.

A detailed list of dangerous substances and items prohibited for carriage on board the aircraft by the crew members and passengers is listed in the ICAO Technical Instructions for Safe Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

If you did not place during the registration of your luggage the item (or items) that are not allowed on board of aircraft in the hand luggage, those items will be seized.

If during the inspection the hazardous materials, wearing of which implies the criminal liability (weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices, narcotic, poisonous, radioactive substances) are detected, the passenger gets suspended from flight and will be handed over Ashgabat Airport Police Department with all pertaining materials (inspection protocol, all seized items and goods) to resolve the issue in accordance with the Legislation of Turkmenistan.