Türkmen halylary adamzadyň medeni mirasynyň merjenidir

The events on occasion of Turkmen Carpet Day, which is annually celebrated on the last Sunday of May, have been held all around the country.

The main events have been held in Ashgabat. This is the main city of the country where the XXI session of the World Turkmen Carpet Connoisseurs Association, International Conference “Turkmen Carpet – Sample of Beauty” as well as exhibition of production of national trade complex have been held.

Members of the Government, heads and representatives of the Mejlis and People’s Council of National Assembly, ministries and departments, public organizations as well as personnel of mass media took part in the opening ceremony of two-day exhibition, which is held in exposition halls of the Trade and Industrial Chamber.

Celebration atmosphere has been enhanced by performance of dance and fold groups, singers and bakhshys. The participants have listened to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with great attention.

The exposition highlighted success achieved on the way of development of trade complex, textile and carpet industry as well as measures undertaken in the last years for strengthening of production potential and modernization of existing infrastructure.

Big variety of production with “Made in Turkmenistan” logotype has been presented at traditional annual exhibition, which was organized by joint efforts of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs, Ministry of Textile Industry, State Association Türkmenhaly, State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange, Trade and Industrial Chamber and Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. 

Results of the contest held among Fashion Houses, which winners presented models of clothes, which organically combine national traditions and current trends of the world fashion, have been summed up on the first day of the review.

In other words, current exhibition has become a good platform for profile structures, shopping centers, firms and companies engaged in whole and retail sale as well as for private entrepreneurs specialized in various direction to presented their services and production, establish business contacts and discuss matters presenting mutual interest.

The production of national industry has been seamlessly highlighted by unique articles of decorative and applied art, which includes carpet items, national fabrics, samples of traditional women dress decorated with embroidery, jewelry and various souvenirs. 

Numerus guest hurried to capture by photo and video cameras wonderful classic and ornamental samples, portraits, magnificent pictures and tapestry with delight.

Ancient samples of carpets made of wool and silk, which were restored by the efforts of Turkmen carpet makers, have been presented in the same place. They were visual evidence of the reforms made in the country these days.

Production infrastructure of national carpet industry is modernized, new factories and workshops, which have all conditions for fruitful work and realization of creative thoughts of masters, are built and the existing ones are reconstruction in the country owing to the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, for wide popularization of unique carpet making craft, preservation of exclusively beautiful ancient carpets.

Thus, opening ceremony of new administrative and production buildings of Baherden Carpet Art Enterprise has been held in Ahal Region on the threshold of the holiday.

Unique carpets, which same like in old days decorate magnificent halls of the government buildings, cultural centers and museums, are made at modern carpet production facilities nowadays.

It is remarkable that masters skillfully realize their creative ideas and make replicas of ancient carpets complying with complex and painstaking technique of carpet making. It is worth to remind about an excellently made replica of the famous Pazyryk carpet, which was discovered during excavation of burial site in Altay Mountains in the middle of the last century, which is currently stored in the State Hermitage in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

This is the oldest rug as of today made of the finest sheep wool dated by the edge of the V- VI BC, which is weaved in symmetric double knot technique, and therefore, is thought to be an ancestor of Turkmen carpets.

The carpets, which are an integral value of Turkmen’s everyday life, are deservingly recognized as a beautiful manmade monument of primordial art of our people, which made significant input to the world cultural human treasury. This is indicated by the decision to include Turkmen national carpet art to the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List made at the 14th session of Intergovernmental Committee for Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on December 12, 2019.

Carpet patterns are important elements of decorative ornaments in architectural image of our white-marble capital as well.

Large-scale work is carried out for further development of primordial national craft, which is an integral part of the world cultural heritage, for careful protection of spiritual values, which are passed from generation to generation throughout centuries.

The activity of the World Turkmen Carpet Art Connoisseurs Association, which unites representatives of scientific and business circles, art and antiquity collectors, amateurs from all parts of the world, is aimed at this.

Reports about history, present and future development of Turkmen carpet art have been presented at the XXI session of this international organization and conference “Turkmen Carpet – Sample of Beauty” in the Trade and Industrial Chamber in the afternoon. Other subjects, which support to understand life-asserting philosophy and richest historical and cultural practice of our people, have been also highlighted.

Speeches, which touched current issues of study of the history of development of handmade carpet making in different countries of the world, mutual influence and enrichment of traditions of decorative and applied art of the peoples of the world, have been made in online format. 

Foreign participants of the review included heads and leading specialists of museums, scientists, art experts, businessmen, connoisseurs of this applied at from Russian, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries.

It was mentioned that Turkmen handmade carpets have always been on high demand in the world as subjects of big art value. Their ancient samples are the exhibits of museums, exhibition halls and art galleries in many countries of the world. Turkmen carpet continues its triumph marching across the planet, having become a hallmark of our people, which brought the secrets of unique art through centuries and millenniums. 

Honoring ceremony of the best personnel, who was awarded with title “Honored Carpet Maker of Turkmenistan” according to the Order of the President of the country for big merits in development of national carpet art, honest, selfless work and professional skills, has been held in National Museum of Turkmen Carpet on the same day.

Carpet masters expressed gratitude to the head of the state for special attention to provision of favorable conditions for their creative activity as well as to the education of young generations of talented workers, to whom they passed the secrets of ancient but at the same time forever young art.

Meetings, exhibitions, scientific conferences, art contests, concerts and other events dedicated to our national heritage – Turkmen carpet, have been held all around the country.

Big concert of the art masters, which was organized by the State Association Türkmenhaly and the Ministry of Culture in Ashgabat Song and Music Center of the capital, was a celebration present for personnel of the sphere.

The exhibition will continue its work in the next day. As per tradition, all participants of the forum will receive relative certificates and diplomas after the exhibition.