The President of Turkmenistan congratulates fellow countrywomen on International Women Day

On occasion of International Women Day observed on March 8, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed celebration greeting to fellow countrywomen.

“Let me extend my cordial congratulations on International Women Day!  I am confident that the events on occasion of this celebration will increase the joy in hearts of our dear mothers, sisters, women and girls in the first days of the spring of the year “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”, - the message of the President says.

Turkmen leader mentions in his message that patriotism, wisdom, sensitivity, sincerity, selflessness, dedication and tact are the feature of our mothers, women and girls who deservingly continue and respect national traditions and family values throughout the centuries. Today, our women work honestly in various spheres of national economy, take active part in the state and public life.

“We highly appreciates the merits of our dear mothers and all women in upbringing of growing generation. We are proud of their fruitful activity in the state, government and administrative structures, in various branches of the economy, scientific, educational, cultural and healthcare spheres, in successful implementation of national programs.

Respect of mothers, women and girls is a primordial tradition of Turkmen people. Following this and taking into account special merits in implementation of reforms, major programs, big success in social life, significant contribution to upbringing of young citizens, we award our women with the Order «Zenan kalby» and confer the mothers honorary title «Ene mähri».

The women are provided with benefits from the government, necessary conditions are made for their deserved life and creative work, gender equality is also provided, which is an important factor of stable development of the society. All of this enhances the role of our dear women in public and political life of the country.

Program work is carried out for provision of rights and interests of women, support of family and maternity. We actively develop constructive partnership with competent international organization in this direction, first of all, with specialized structures and agencies of the United Nations Organization.

According to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and recognized standards of international law, the participation of women on the same rights with men in public and political, social and economic, cultural and humanitarian activity, creation of equal opportunities for them is a visual evidence of successful implementation of our main slogan “The State for Human Being!” – the message of Turkmen leader says.

Finishing celebration message, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished fellow countrywomen strong health, happiness and prosperity.