The President of Turkmenistan opens complex of new facilities in the capital

Opening ceremonies of big complex of social and cultural facilities, which were built under the 16th phase of urban development of the main city of the country, has been held with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the capital.

According to the Resolution of the Leader of the Nation, developed district with excellent high-rise residential buildings has been erected in the western part of Ashgabat, necessary road and transport infrastructure has been established and original monument “Turkmen Alabay” has decorated the center of the roundabout. Shopping and entertainment center «Gül zemin», which meets all modern requirements set to facilities of service and entertainment sphere, has also been built in this part of the city.

It has become a good tradition in Turkmenistan to celebrate house-warming party on the threshold of big national holidays. This year is marked with glorious date for the country – the 25th anniversary of permanent neutral status, on the threshold of which 1,008 families of personnel of various ministries and departments, this is about 5,000 people, have become owners of comfortable apartments in new residential buildings in Ashgabat. The facilities have been built at the word order of the capital’s administration and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

It is remarkable that construction of facilities under the 16th phase of urban development of the capital has been entrusted to private companies, members of the UIET, at the request of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Continuously increasing production and professional potential, Turkmen entrepreneurs successfully work in various fields including in construction sphere demonstrating the best quality and creative approach to solution of set objectives.

New residential estate, which was built along Magtumguly Avenue on big land plot between Taslama and Teheran Streets, has perfectly merged to magnificent architectural ensemble of Ashgabat. This white-marble complex has become another man-made symbol of the epoch of might and happiness, a real embodiment of socially oriented policy, which slogan is “The State for the Human Being!”, pursued by the Leader of the Nation.

The Speakers of the Mejlis, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and department, public organizations, Ashgabat Administration, representative of mass media have gathered at the place of the event.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to arch installed in front of new residential complex where the Head of the State has been cordially greeted by children, performed by which verses sounded inspirational and sonorous.

Art collective has performed bright song and dance composition glorifying beloved prosperous Motherland, united and consolidated Turkmen people and its national leader – Arkadag, the Hero.

The top event has come and the Leader of the Nation together with children went to symbolical arch and cut traditional ribbon under storm of applause of the participants. The complex of facilities of the capital has been opened! Cloud of colored balloons has been set free to the sky at this moment.

Accompanied by the children, the Head of the State has started looking around new facilities. Six 48-apartment and ten 72-apartment 12-storey comfortable and improved design buildings have been erected in this place under the 16th phase of urban construction of Ashgabat. The complex has all relative infrastructure, new roads of 5.564 km total length with necessary auxiliary systems, underpasses and bus stops have been built.

The surrounding territory is developed and planted with trees and shrubs. Following instructions and recommendations of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, special attention has been paid to practicability of new facilities, ecological and aesthetic aspects. Location and arrangement of recreation zones and sport grounds have been well planned. Children playgrounds equipped with all necessary accessories are designated for young citizens.

Bright mosaic panels, each of which is distinguished with its own theme, are typical features of exterior decoration of new residential buildings. These big panels demonstrate monumental symbols of independent neutral Motherland, its success in different spheres and aspiration for the future, reflect rich history and culture of our nation.

Application of innovative technologies in design in organic combination with traditions of national decoration add special hint to the buildings.

New 12-storey buildings have all conditions for comfortable living. The buildings have three-, four and five-bedroom apartments with full range of amenities including spacious living rooms, cozy bedrooms, kitchens equipped with modern appliances, auxiliary rooms. The buildings also have all necessary utility provision systems.

By the way, the furniture, which was used for entry halls, kitchens and living premises is of local production, the same like two smart TV sets of different size installed in each apartment. New for our country production has been arranged under implementation of the program of establishment and development of electronic industry initiated by the Head of Turkmenistan. Tolkun, Zemin and Alem smart TV-sets, which are produced by «Aýdyň gijeler» business entity and are of the same quality as foreign analogues, are on high demand since they were put on sale.

It goes without saying that Turkmen carpets are mandatory decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes that manmade carpets, which are created by our skillful masters, are not only integrated components of daily life and life order of the nation but are also connected with its history and culture.

Continuing the subject of current events, it is worth to mention that apartments in the buildings, which President of the country has visited, are equipped on smart house principles. This is a system of home appliances, which are able to make things and solve certain daily routine work without participation of people.

This original project has been designed by students of the Institute of Telecommunications and Informational Science. Similar project has been designed in the building next to it by students of Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University. Thus, future Turkmen specialists successfully implement received skills in the sphere of high technologies already today taking part in development of innovative projects.

The elite houses were ordered by the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production, Ministry of Architecture, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Trae and Foreign Economic Affairs, the State Committee for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography, General State Türkmenstandartlary Service, State Concern Türkmengaz, Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency, Central Bank of Turkmenistan and, as it was mentioned above, city administration of Ashgabat and Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The construction has been performed by local profile companies including «Aşgabat gurluşyk» Production Association, «Weli gurluşyk», «Nusaý ýollary», «Rysgally zähmet», «Çakmak daşy», «Bereketli» Individual Enterprises, «Altyn nesil» and «Ajaýyp bina» Business Entities.

Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has come to roundabout with the Monument of Turkmen Alabay in the centre.

The initiative to put a monument to a dog, having demonstrated respect and honor to an exemplary courage and cordial heart of these wonderful animals, having highlighted their role in historical destiny of the nation and that place, which alabays occupy in life of the nation, belongs to the Head of Turkmenistan.

Pride and self-confidence, which are expressively reflected in new monument, which decorated one of the intersections on Magtumguly Avenue, is characteristic feature of alabay. The sculpture looks very magnificently. The height of the sculpture is 6 meters, it is placed on the pedestal of 9 meters height. Therefore, 11-m monument, which is located on 36 m platform, is seen from all sides from the distance.

The events on occasion of construction and architectural releases has been continued next to «Gül zemin» Shopping and Entertainment Center where masters of Arts have greeted the Leader of the Nation with inspired performance.

Major construction works at the intersection of Magtumguly Avenue and Taslama Street have been made by Turkmen private company Altyn. 3.8 hectares have been allocated for the project.

Total area of the main, three-store building occupies 43,560 square meters. Surrounding territory with roads and walkways, auxiliary facilities is developed and planted with trees and shrubs.

Today, new Shopping and entertainment center welcomed its first visitors and, undoubtedly, that it would be one the attractions of many Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital from this moment. In addition to dozens to shopping outlets, it has two halls for wedding ceremonies and other events for 800 and 400 guests each, restaurants for 200 and 100 seats and five cafeterias.

More than 15,000 sq. m were allocated on the ground floor for retail sale. Market and 65 shops, which provide qualitative goods and high level of service, are designed up to modern standards. It also has pharmacy and social service outlet for convenience of visitors.

The second floor is occupied by recreation and entertainment zone with two cinema halls for 90 spectators each, various amusements, which are able to accommodate 300 children at the same time. Four baby playgrounds with amusements, which will entertain the most restless children.

The center is equipped with modern technical appliances including 10 comfortable elevators, 6 escalators and other amenities.

The entry hall has information board, which shows the location and types of all shops, restaurants and cafes of the center, which are united by common electronic shopping platform.

This modern service, which has been blended into our life, provides easy access to internet shop from any device to the client. It includes looking through the catalogues with capability to group positions by certain type and put chosen items to virtual shopping basket for further purchase. In other words, you need only to enter contact details and necessary information about delivery and payment.

Having finished looking around «Gül zemin» Shopping and entertainment center, the Head of the State said warm goodbye to all and left the place of event.

Inflaming Turkmen kushtdepdy dance, which united all participants of the event in single unified blow, have been performed along all the way of the President’s motorcade.

It goes without saying, new facilities, which have been opened in this part of the main city of the country, added more expression to the image of dynamically developing Ashgabat, which architectural ensemble is supplemented with big residential estates and various facilities every year. Turkmen capital does impress with its white-marble buildings and facilities, which have been constructed and put into operation in the last years.

Particularly, opening ceremony of the complex of double-store cottages, three-, four- and twelve-store residential buildings, secondary school, kindergarten and number of shopping centers have been held with participation of Turkmen leader in the southwest part of the city under the previous, 15th phase of urban development. In the future, the construction of the next, 17th phase is planned.

Owing to implementation of innovative concept of Ashgabat’s development initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, architectural ensemble of the city embodies advanced achievements in urban construction sphere and engineering and technical thoughts and, at the same time, the best traditions of national architecture and décor. The most remarkable attractions of the capital are listed in the famous Guinness Record Book, in which Ashgabat is registered as a city with the highest concentration of white-marble buildings in the world.

It is also worth to add that construction personnel who distinguished themselves during works for construction of facilities of the 16th phase has been presented with valuable gifts.

After the opening ceremony, mass movement of vehicles has started along new road.

Therefore, another grandiose parade of architectural and construction releases has written another bright page to the latest history of the Motherland, which move along the way of peace, creation and progress under the leadership of the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and which is preparing to meet glorious 25th anniversary of the status of permanent neutrality.