Events on occasion of the 29th anniversary of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has observed the Independence Day on September 27. This year, which is held under slogan Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality, this big holiday is filled with special meaning for us as it had number of historical events. After nation-wide discussion, the Constitutional Law on Amendments and Addendums of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, according to which the Milli Gengesh consisting of two chambers – the Mejlis and People’s Council, has been adopted at the session of the People’s Council on September 25.

Coming celebration of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality is also worth to be mentioned among important events of this year. Various events are held on occasion of the anniversary in our country and abroad. Election of Turkmenistan as the Vice-chairman of recent 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly was another bright evidence of high international authority of the country.

According to good tradition, the main events on occasion of the Independence Day have been held at the main square of the country in Ashgabat.

Members of the Government, heads of the Mejlis, military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, public organizations, the Mayor of Ashgabat, honoured elders have gathered at the Tribune.

Personnel of National Army have lined up at the Square of Independence. It is 10:00 on the clocks. The solemn music was performed by the Exemplary Military Orchestra of the Armed Forces.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went up to the Government tribune. The participants have greeted the Head of the State with big enthusiasm.

Traditionally, the celebration has been started from the military parade where defensive capability of the country, professionalism and skills of Turkmen warriors who stand guard protecting sovereign Turkmenistan and prosperous life of the people.

Defence Minister B. Gundogdiyev has addressed President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with request to give start to military parade on occasion of the celebration of the 29th anniversary of the country’s independence. The Head of the State has given command to start the parade.

The Defence Ministers has had a ride along the troops greeting parade squads consisting of military personnel and cadets of specialized universities and schools, soldiers and officers of National Army.

National anthem of Turkmenistan was played. The State Flag of Turkmenistan has been hoisted on the flagpole. Having lined up at the square, officers, soldiers and cadets have given a sacred military oath to be loyal to the Motherland, People and President.

Celebration parade has been started by the flag group. Under the sounds of solemn march. The soldiers of separate battalion of the Guard of Honour have carried the State Flag of Turkmenistan and combat colours of all Armed Forces across the square. They have been followed by the cadets of Berdimuhamed Annayev 1st specialized military school of the Ministry of Defence.

Battalion of officers, the best in combat training, have marched across the square. The best representatives of all Military Forces, which deservingly continuing traditions of glorious ancestors, fulfil their military and civil duty with honour. They have been followed by soldiers of motorized rifle battalion, whose high training and combat skills serve as solid guarantee of security of the country. They have been replaced by the column of Turkmen pilots.

Battalion of marines was among the participants of the military parade. Due to the attention of government to NAVY Forces, equipment and facility base of military fleet is modernized under the programme of development of the Armed Forces.

Profile higher educational institutes, which have important objective to form up new generation of national military personnel, are available in Turkmenistan today. In his speeches at the sessions of the State Security Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces highlights the necessity to pay special attention to quality and efficiency of education, enhancement of level of professional skills, improvement of operational skills of modern military vehicles and equipment.

Activity of the Military Institute of the Defence Ministry, which has all conditions for receiving education meeting time requirements, is aimed at achievements of set objectives. Cadets of this educational institute also participate in the parade in honour of the anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence.

Naval Institute of the Defence Ministry, which cadets have been marched in straight lines across the square, was opened for reliable protection of maritime borders of the country and training of qualified specialists for the fleet of the Defence Ministry and the State Border Guard Service of the country.

They have been followed by the cadets of the Institute of National Security, Institute of Internal Affairs and Border Guard Institute. Training and educational process in these educational facilities meets modern requirements.

Special force battalion, which was named “Türkmen edermen” by initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has entered the square.

High level of combat, theoretical and physical training, courage and determination are distinguishing feature of military personnel of this division. It is not occasionally that alabay, which has all these properties, is the emblem of the battalion. Limited number of soldiers and mobility of the group allows fulfilling combat assignments rapidly and precisely.

March of military personnel of equestrian divisions, which were formed up under support of the Head of the State in military divisions of national Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior, was an adornment of the celebration parade.

Review of military vehicles, which was supplied recently to all military forces, demonstrate high level of defence capability of Turkmen state, readiness to combat modern challenges and threats.

Mechanized columns of different Armed forces, which are headed by Combat Guard special vehicles, have been followed one after another across the square.

The columns have been followed by military personnel on motor vehicles, which are at disposal of National Army. This equipment is able to drive all terrains and designated for rapid operations of special groups. Combat arms installed on the vehicles allow acting in any conditions.

Further, military vehicles MRZR-D2, MRZR-D4, DAGOR, AJBAN, which are designated for special operations, have entered the square. These mobile and at the same time powerful tactical transport vehicles are able to drive off-road with big load and used in service by military personnel of Türkmen edermen Special Force group.

At present time, National Army have armoured Land Rovers and NIMRs, which are equipped with anti-tank missiles, tactical drons, mortars and machine guns.

Light armoured AL SHIBL2 vehicles, which have supplemented equipment and technical base of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, have been driven in column across the square. They are also used by personnel of Türkmen edermen Special Force group and help to fulfil combat tasks successfully. The review of military vehicles has been continued with CARACAL self-propelled anti-tank rocket complexes

Further, armoured personnel carriers BTR-80A with group of paratroopers and man-portable air defence systems on board have entered the square. This modern equipment is distinguished with reliability and high combat properties.

Armoured Kirpi vehicles designated for special forces have been marched in front of the tribune. Land Rover combat vehicle with modern system of military communication @Rode Schwarz was among the second mechanized column.

It has been followed by FM-90 and Pechora-2BM anti-aircraft missile systems, which are used for destruction of above-water and land-based targets.

The third mechanize column has consisted of specialized transport vehicles of the State Border Guard Service PMV-SURVIVOR-II, Toyota Hilux, COBRA designated for protection of the sacred borders of the country. These vehicles are distinguished by power, speed and high off-road capability.

They have been followed by IVECO trucks with ZU-23 anti-aircraft complex, which allows destroying air-borne targets on small altitude.

The turn of the fourth mechanized column has come. The departments of the Ministry of Interior, the same like any other security forces, are gradually equipped with the latest vehicles and equipment, their resource and technical base is strengthened. Light armoured vehicles used by police like OTOKAR, PMV SURVIVOR II, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra and Ford have been presented at the parade. These vehicles serve for support of public order.

Further, the celebration review has been continued in the air. Turkmen pilots who demonstrated their skills have been operating modern aircrafts. Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters have appeared in the sky above the square. They have been followed by Eurocopter 145 of the Ministry of Interior of the country and Eurocopter – 365 of the Ministry of National Security as well as Augusta 109 helicopter of the State Border Guard Service.

Special aircraft Diamond – 42, which is designated for reconnaissance flights as well as aerial photo and video footage has flown above the square. Su-25 combat aircrafts have appeared in sky.

In general. All powerful ground and air equipment presented at the parade is a visual evidence of unremitting attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to strengthening of defence capability of independent neutral Turkmenistan, modernization of national Armed forces, further improvement of activity of military and law enforcement structures.

Celebration parade at the main square of the country has been continued. Independent Guard of Honour battalion of the Defence Ministry, which soldiers demonstrate an excellent training and high skills of exercises with arms, has appeared in front of the government tribune.

The map of Turkmenistan and image of dove, a symbol of peace, figure 29, which embodies remarkable date, have been made on the square by military personnel. After, personnel of Independence Guard of Honour battalion has formed up the outline of the Monument of Independence.

Performance of combined military orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, which has prepared its present on occasion of the main celebration of the country, was a final chord of the military parade.

… Ahalteke horse, which beauty is highlighted by jewellery decoration, has been brought out to the square in front of the tribune. Wonderful horse has demonstrated outstanding training and gracious statue.

This golden stallion named Buysanchly has been presented on behalf of the associates to Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on occasion of the 29th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Independence and as a gratitude for selfless work for the sake of prosperity of Turkmen nation.

Our horse riders, which are famous around the world as outstanding sportsmen, have demonstrated performance program at big event dedicated to the 29th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. Numerus winner of the world festivals and international contests, Galkynysh National equestrian Game group of Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan has demonstrated again their outstanding skills in such complex genre as equestrian stunting.

The column of horse riders have been led by the head of the Group on Akhan, which has performed an elegant dance under national tune. It is worth to remind that Akhan has been listed in the Guinness Record Book in 2018. Unusual abilities of the horse, it has managed to walk rearing for 10 meters in 4.19 seconds, having beaten previous record in this unique nomination by two times, have been registered back then. The Akhan has demonstrated again his best stunt, having reared and walked this way.

The events on occasion of the 29th anniversary of independence have been continued. TV broadcasting allowed our fellow countrymen living in different cities and villages to watch the ceremony at the main square in the capital in live. Due to the capabilities of moder TV broadcasting and internet communications, celebration mood of Turkmenistan citizens can be shared by the people of different countries of the world.

Further, demonstration of success and achievements of the branches f the economy and social complex has started. Truck-based platforms with bright thematic decorations were visual illustrations.

The procession has been opened by the Mejlis of Turkmenistan and public organizations of the country. The masters of the ceremonies have been speaking of huge role given to activity of public organizations, highest legislative body in development of the state, its civic and public institutes.

Signing of the Constitutional Law on Amendments and Addendums of the Constitution of Turkmenistan by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which marks transfer of legislative body to two-chamber system, has been significant event in the year of celebration of the 29th anniversary of independence.

Solidarity of Turkmen nation, dedication to historical roots and national traditions are symbolized by white traditional tent (yurta), which was installed on vehicle-based platform dedicated to five regions of the country.

The demonstration has been continued by the municipality of Ashgabat. Vehicle with attractions of the capital – new constructions, monuments, which have decorated the main city of the country, which image is fundamentally changed owing to large-scale urban development program initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has moved in front of the tribune.

Vehicle representing educational sphere, to which the Head of the State gives special role of intellectual engine of further development of the country, has appeared on the square. It is followed by health protection and medical industry spheres. The models, which reflected development of national medicine, special place has been given to herbal plants of Turkmenistan.

Demonstration of economic structures, financial and banking spheres has also been very bright. Panels and models have reflected the dynamic of economic growth of Turkmenistan.

Trade, foreign economic relations, textile industry of country have also been presented in the parade. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlights that development of trade sphere and light industry is an important condition of marketing and competitive national economy.

Bright carpet with traditional patterns were at the displays on the vehicles. Inclusionof Turkmen national carpet art to the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List has been a visual result of work for popularization of Turkmen heritage in the world.

Turkmenistan’s entrepreneurship has been the next subject in celebration demonstration. Today, the facilities opened by local businessmen work efficiently in construction sphere, services, production of consumer goods and food successfully competing with foreign companies.

The baton of the event has been taken up by transport and communication complex. Silhouette of white and green aircraft and picture of space satellite have been seen on the vehicle decorated according to the subject. Ships and trains has been pictured on another platform.

Brightly decorated trucks, one of which has presented the products of generous Turkmen land and national agricultural producers while another – picturesque landscapes with mountains, valleys, inhabitants of preserved places of the nature and ahalateke horses, have come in front of the tribune.

Achievements of oil and gas sphere have been visually demonstrated in thematic decoration of demonstration vehicle with models of drilling rigs and pipelines. Visual place in the decoration has been taken by big tank with EC)-93 logo, new brand of Turkmen petrochemical industry, which has arranged the production of eco-friendly gasoline. The Head of the State pays special attention to increment of processing of hydrocarbon materials, rapid industrial development of new fields.

Construction and architectural sphere has been presented after. Achievements of construction complex are visible to everyone. They have changed the image of our capital and all country, having decorated them with hundreds of new social and economic facilities. Today, urban construction industry in Turkmenistan is distinguished with systematic approach to use of space and establishment of favourable environment.

The turn of power energy and chemical industry has come after. The vehicle had models of production trains, which output capacity provide growing requirements, pictures of high-voltage power lines supplying Turkmen electricity to neighbouring countries, new facilities of chemical industry. Not only production capacity of the branches but also their export capabilities are increased.

Platform of art and cultural personnel of the country has come to the square. Growing generation has been also participating in celebration demonstration. Children were joyfully greeting President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Young artists have performed dance composition and song about happy childhood and beloved country.

The event has been finished with kushtdepdy dance, during which white doves – symbols of peace and happiness, good wishes and hope, have been set to the sky with air balloons.