Ahalteke horse – Symbol of our achievements

Resolution signed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the threshold of National Turkmen Horse Holiday was another step toward improvement of activity in horse breeding sphere, introduction of new approaches to development of this industry.

By this document, the Head of the State approved the Provision on the State Association Türkmen atlary and the structure of its main office. Organizational changes are aimed at giving impulse to large-scale work for breeding of thoroughbred ahalteke horses, protection and improvement of this unique breed, its outstanding pedigree features, sport and aesthetic characteristics.

The progress is not possible without innovations in any fields. Competiveness of national horse breeding industry, which is based on centuries-old traditions, can be provided only by high scientific potential and technological level and best modern practice.

Turkmenistan took gradual measures for the formation of modern infrastructure of equestrian sphere, which in its turn stimulated the development of equestrian sports and international cooperation in selection and pedigree work, creation of racing industry, training of jockeys and coaches.

International Ahalteke equestrian Association with the headquarter in Ashgabat, which was established in 2010 by initiative of President of Turkmenistan has become a competent platform for professional dialog between horse breeders from different countries.

For stimulation of development of national horse breeding industry, the Head of the State has instituted the contest of the best representative of this legendary breed – some kind of beauty review of these magnificent horses, which became priceless heritage of not only Turkmen people but entire humanity.

The image of horse occupies special place in Turkmen visual art. Hundreds of works on this subject are chosen and the best are awarded every year.

Continuing this wonderful tradition, the Head of the State has signed the Resolution on international beauty contest of ahalteke horses as well as the contest among art personnel in Ashgabat on April 25, 2020 on occasion of Turkmen Horse National Holiday.