Athletes of the national teams of Turkmenistan who won international competitions

Dear participants of the celebration!

Dear athletes!

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the successful performance and won prizes at the VII International Sports Games "Children of Asia" in the city of Vladivostok, Russian Federation and the V Games of Islamic Solidarity in the city of Konya, the Republic of Turkey!

Thanks to the large-scale undertakings of the Hero-Arkadag, the world sports authority of our country is increasing. A vivid embodiment in practice of our national strategy in the field of sports was the organization of various competitions, including international ones, in our native Motherland, a country recognized in the world that has all the possibilities for holding major international tournaments.

A lot of work is being done to form a modern sports infrastructure in our independent state, educate physically strong and spiritually rich generations, develop the Olympic movement, and strengthen international cooperation in this area.

Dear participants of the celebration!

Our state - Turkmenistan, as well as our capital - the city of Ashgabat, has become one of the centers of international sports cooperation. In this context, in the name of strengthening peace and humanism, partnerships are expanding with the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations International Bureau for Sport for Development and Peace, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee on Physical Education and Sport, and the Olympic Council of Asia.

Our country has successfully hosted the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the Amul-Khazar 2018 International Rally, and the World Weightlifting Championship. Representatives of our Motherland, as well as different countries of the world, took an active part in these competitions, which increased the world authority of Turkmen sports.

The systematic construction and commissioning of sports complexes, stadiums and other specialized facilities in all corners of our independent state determine the successful performance of Turkmen athletes at various competitions, who, regularly participating in international tournaments, are awarded prizes, which increases our pride in the younger generation.

The worthy performance of athletes of the national teams of the country at the XXXII Summer Olympic Games held in Japan, the victory of the first Olympic medal in the sports history of the Fatherland became evidence of the great attention paid at the state level to the development of sports. We regard this as a victorious start for Turkmen sports.

Happy youth of our independent neutral state!

The Renaissance era of a new era of a powerful state opens up ways for you to achieve new successful results in our national sport. Therefore, it is you who will increase the sporting prestige of the country.

Properly multiplying the victorious achievements of our courageous ancestors, you must continue the baton of sportsmanship of Turkmen athletes, winning medals at international competitions. I am firmly convinced that by achieving excellent results in various competitions, raising the Flag of our Motherland high, you will defend the authority and dignity of Turkmenistan.

Dear participants of the celebration!

Turkmenistan directly links international sports cooperation with the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals until 2030. This position sets new tasks for us, providing for the further transformation of our country into a modern center for holding international competitions, championships and the Olympic Games.

We will build new sports infrastructure facilities, targeting its potential in the interests of peace and friendship, and form the modern generation of true connoisseurs of sports, professional athletes. The desire of young people to engage in physical education and sports is the imperative of the times, since sports are a source of health and harmony.

Dear participants of the celebration!

Dear athletes!

Once again, I sincerely congratulate you on the successes achieved at the international level competitions!

I wish you good health, a prosperous and happy life, great success in increasing the international prestige of our Motherland!

President of Turkmenistan

Serdar Berdimuhamedov.