Athletes of the national teams of Turkmenistan, winners of international competitions

Dear meeting participants!

Dear athletes!

First of all, I congratulate the athletes of the national teams of Turkmenistan on their excellent performance at international motorsport competitions in the Russian Federation, who won prizes at the Silk Way 2022 rally-raids between the cities of Astrakhan-Moscow, as well as at the Asian Weightlifting Championship among teenagers . and young men in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan).

In the era of the Renaissance, the era of the new powerful power of our Motherland in the international sports arena is steadily growing. In Turkmenistan, which is engaged in the high status of the country and spiritual perfection, great attention to sports and the development of high high culture, which is a priority of our state policy.

In all regions of the Motherland, the system is being laid and rented out in higher complexes, stadiums and other sports facilities, it contributes to the successful development of our athletes at various stages and is approaching the receipt of prestigious awards. Athletes of the independent state actively participate in international competitions, win prizes, become owners of gold medals.

Various sports competitions are successfully held in Turkmenistan at a high level.

The observation of the investigation took place - the successful holding in Ashgabat on September 17–27, 2017 of the 5th Asian Indoor and Combat Games under the motto “Health. Inspiration. Friendship”, highlighted by the rally “Amul-Khazar” in 2018, as well as the World Weightlifting Championship.

In 2021, new bright pages were opened in the history of our sport. The silver medal won by our weightlifting athlete at the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Japan proved that there were no such achievements, it was not possible to achieve success in our sports.

Evidence of great attention to the state level, which is a priority for the development of sports in our country, is the participation of athletes of the national team in international competitions and the worthy representation of Turkmenistan in high performance sports.

Dear members of the national team of Turkmenistan!

With a developed national sports field, the mission of increasing the sports authority of our state and the Turkmen people is first of all assigned to you. With our victories and selections of achievements in the field of sports, you should increase the effectiveness of the use of excellent conditions for young athletes at the state level. I am firmly convinced that our masters of sports will honorably bear the title of Turkmen athlete, actively participating in international competitions, replenishing the country's medal treasury, proudly waving our State flag in the sports arenas of the world.

Dear meeting participants!

We will continue to create all the conditions for our youth to be physically strong and spiritually rich, to go in for physical education and sports on a massive scale, to avoid bad habits, to combine work and rest, and to reach heights in the world of sports.

We are turning into our country in the center of international competitions, championships and Olympic Games. The construction of new facilities of the profile norm will be the normal formation of true fans of the sports movement, the generation of modern masters of sports.

the potential of the potential of sport to celebrate the ideals of peace and friendship, worthily continuing the constructive traditions of brotherhood and solidarity, we are investigating in delaying the progress of the international community and world peace.

Dear meeting participants!

Dear athletes!

Congratulations on your international success!

I wish you good health, a prosperous and happy life, great success in increasing the international sports authority of our Motherland!

President of Turkmenistan

Serdar Berdimuhamedov.