President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov concludes working trip to Balkan velayat

Early in the morning President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov (while on the working trip to Balkan velayat) performed open-air morning fitness exercises and took a bicycle ride along the stretch of the Caspian Sea coast.

The head of state is known to have started a fine and beneficial tradition of holding mass cycling events in Turkmenistan. The idea has received full support from his fellow countrymen who participate with great zeal and enthusiasm in mass bicycle rides regularly organized in the country.

Adopted by the UN General Assembly, the Special Resolution declaring June 3 World Bicycle Day provides ample testimony to the high praise and recognition for modern-day Turkmenistan’s notable sporting achievements in the global arena under the guidance of the nation’s leader.

During the bicycle ride, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov demonstrated, as usual, a high level of physical fitness.

Despite his extremely busy and tight work schedule, the nation’s leader always finds time to do recreational physical activity and sports, while setting a personal example of their health benefits, positive effects on emotional wellbeing and the immune system. Sports also help to develop character traits such as diligence, dedication, determination, and self-discipline.

The head of state ended his ride at the beautiful seaside pier.

Then, the President of Turkmenistan attended a launching and blessing ceremony of a new passenger ship, named Rakhat that had been put at the disposal of the Türkmendeňizderýaýollary Agency.

Built in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation), the high-speed passenger vessel has an overall length of more than 33 meters and is intended for tourists and travelers who are fond of sea trips.

The new ship’s captain reported to the head of state that the vessel was in a state of readiness for its maiden voyage, and requested that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov give his blessing.

The nation’s leader accompanied by his associates went aboard the vessel resembling a white swan and gave his official blessing to it for safe sailing across the gray expanses of the Caspian Sea.

It is worth noting that the ship was built for our country in compliance with the high-level bilateral agreements reached between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Tatarstan. This serves as a clear illustration of greater cooperation of Turkmenistan with some regions of the Russian Federation, in particular with Tatarstan.

In recent years, modern tankers and merchants vessels have been constructed on orders from the Turkmen side and put into service. Their high performance characteristics, innovative and technologically advanced solutions place them among the most-sought-after ships.

Massive efforts are being made to keep the passenger fleet continually upgraded and replenished. This is evidenced by the arrival of the ship Rakhat at its port of registry.

The ship put to sea, skimming the waves.

The Caspian Sea’s endless expanses merging with the blue sky on the horizon truly delight and captivate by their majestic beauty. No less spectacular are views of the Avaza National Tourist Zone stretching across the coastline.

On board the ship, the head of state and his associates discussed the need to continue the effective work ongoing in this wonderful naturally blessed corner of Turkmen land, while recognizing the importance of ensuring environmental sustainability, conserving the Caspian Sea’s biodiversity and undertaking scientific research into the wildlife of the area.

Speaking at the First Caspian Economic Forum in the Avaza National Tourist Zone in August of 2019, the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the need to take a scientific approach to issues of preserving the ecological balance in the Caspian Sea and its biodiversity.

During the ship trip, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also focused on issues of promoting modern recreational and leisure activities in Avaza, improving the quality and offering a wider variety of services to holidaymakers.

The widespread adoption of advanced environmentally-friendly technologies is seen as a guiding principle in the construction, oil-and-gas, chemical, energy, and agricultural sectors, and as an integral component of the country’s socio-economic programs and large international and regional projects.

The constructive initiatives announced by the President of Turkmenistan at sessions of the UN General Assembly, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), and other large international forums have won widespread support of the world community of nations.

The new ship, the latest addition to the Avaza National Tourist Zone’s fleet, continued to sail smoothly in the Caspian Sea.

Intended for tourists and seaside resort visitors, the snow-white vessel symbolizes the successful endeavors in the new historical epoch marking the home country’s progress and prosperity.

The ship completed its first voyage blessed by the nation’s leader, and successfully reached the shore.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received congratulations from his associates on the momentous occasion, who also wished the ship safe journeys.

Bidding goodbye, the nation’s leader wished the captain and crew of the ship every success in their work.

Having concluded his working trip to Balkan velayat, the head of state proceeded to Turkmenbashi International Airport where high-ranking officials had assembled.

Before departing for Ashgabat, the head of state assigned the senior officials concerned to adopt a serious and responsible attitude to the issues of effectively tackling the tasks of the region’s socio-economic development that should be addressed comprehensively.

After a while, the presidential aircraft landed at Ashgabat International Airport.

* * *

That same day, a grand ceremony took place to mark the official acceptance of the new passenger ship Rakhat for service in accordance with centuries-old national traditions.

Following the local custom, a ship-meeting ritual was performed. It included tying the traditional alaja ribbon and dusting flour on shipboard as a sign of safe journeys in the Caspian Sea.

The vessel put to sea after its passengers: performing groups, honorable elders and grey-haired mothers came aboard. Performing artists and folk ensembles from the region continued their rousing performances on board the snow-white ship that had arrived through the efforts of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The ceremony attendees expressed their deep gratitude to the nation’s leader for his great care and concern for welfare and happy lives of the people of Turkmenistan who have necessary recreational facilities provided to ensure their proper rest and interesting leisure-time activities, including on the ecologically clean Caspian coast.