The Ashgabat international airport held a disaster-rescue exercise

In accordance with the Program for the Development of Civil Aviation of Turkmenistan for 2012-2030, in order to successfully implement the tasks of developing the country's transport sector, including national civil aviation, systematically supplying civil aviation with new modern technology, as well as improving the level of passenger service and the safety of air transportation and with the implementation of the standards and recommended practices of the ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization, the Ashgabad International Airport of the «Türkmenhowaýollary» Agency on December 19, 2019, at outside of International Airport, in the area of A-7 square on the 11th kilometer of the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway, conducted a joint exercise with the city emergency services at topic: “Measures to save passengers, crew, safety of cargo, baggage and aircraft as a result of an emergency landing in case of failure of both engines as result of encounter of a flock of birds on takeoff near the Ashgabat airdrome” 
The emergency training and rescue team, the heads of services and departments of the Ashgabat International Airport, ATB specialists, aircraft pilots, the flight attendants crew and the ARW on duty helicopter Turkmenistan Airlines, TPD calculations, representatives of the border service of military unit 2205 and customs service at the airport, , police department of internal affairs, representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies, calculations of the city ambulance were involved in the training session. During of the exercise, measures were taken to organize the rescue of passengers and crew members, of the safety of baggage and aviation equipment as a result of an emergency landing in case of failure of both engines in case of a flock of birds on takeoff in the area of responsibility of Ashgabat International Airport. All participants in the exercises fully adhered to the confirmed emergency rescue plan, thereby showing their preparedness for emergency situations. And this once again confirms that the service of the Turkmen national civil aviation is in line with international standards, which in turn in further will demand to require high-quality and safe service at the highest level.