Covid 19


In compliance with the Decree № 1738 of November 02, 2020 of the Hakimlik of Ashgabat city, only the passengers with a good reason are allowed to depart from Ashgabat Airport on domestic flights.

On reasons as specified below:

  •  1.Burial of the deceased/or a participation in the memorial ceremonies;
  •  2.Severe illness;
  •  3.Participation in the wedding ceremonies of the close relatives (provided the relevant document issued by the appropriate state agency as a proof is presented);
  •  4.Business trip (provided the approved document of the relevant Ministry or a branch office is presented);
  •  5.Other urgent circumstances;

It’s mandatory to provide a negative COVID-19 test result certificate issued by the relevant healthcare organization prior departure. The certificate may be obtained only with the preliminary permission of the committee established at each District

Hakimlik offices.