Cargo Terminal

The cargo terminal located within the Ashgabat International Airport is one of the most modern land-based facilities in the region today. The total area of the cargo terminal is 17,620 m2, and the cargo terminal is designed to handle 200,000 tons of cargo per year.

The quality of the wide range of services offered by the terminal meets international standards and provides all types of services required by international land carriers and offers a full range of shipping services. At the cargo terminal, cargo is cleared by customs and sent to other local and international airports in transit from the Ashgabat terminal. For the convenience of customers, the airport cargo terminal has representative offices of airlines providing cargo transportation services.

The clearance and placement of dangerous goods at the cargo terminal is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Special technologies are used to ensure a high level of security when transporting valuable cargo. Such loads are stored in special facilities equipped with video surveillance, alarms, fire extinguishers, air temperature and humidity control devices.

Multi-ton loaders are used to handle heavy loads, and there are specially equipped areas for storing smaller loads. The cargo terminal is equipped with video surveillance equipment that allows monitoring the progress of the work and using the received data in the future.

Currently, the cargo terminal is cooperating with Cargo Lux, Belawia, Fly Dubai, China Southern Airlines Company Limited, S7 Airlines, Turkish Airlines and other major international campaigns.

List of rooms located on the IMPORT side of the 1st floor of the cargo terminal:

Cold room - 3 units

Room for pets - 1 unit

Plant room – 1 unit

Medicine room - 1 unit

Mortuary - 1 unit

For valuable cargo - 1 unit

Shelves for storing computers - 18 units.

List of rooms located on the EXPORT side of the 1st floor of the cargo terminal:

Cold rooms - 3 units

Room for pets - 1 unit

Room for plants - 1 unit

Medicine room - 1 unit

Mortuary - 1 unit

For valuable cargo - 1 unit

Shelves for storing computers - 9 units


Modernization of air cargo management facilities is one of the priority directions for the development of the national civil aviation industry. Within the framework of this program, a number of innovative technological solutions were adopted to establish business and economic development in the cargo terminal of Ashgabat International Airport.

One of them is the LTV-system (Liftwating Transfer Vehicle), a cargo handling system that includes electronic platforms for loading and unloading cargo at the terminal and ramp.

As for goods imported from abroad, the cargo plane is parked at the terminal.

Loading/unloading operations are carried out using pallets and special surface handling equipment.

The loaded cargo is transported to the terminal, where an operator scans the bar-coded records on the cargo units and the data is transferred to an electronic hub.

The cargo on the pallet is then sent to the terminal and divided into warehouses according to its type. When necessary, the operator receives the required item automatically: the ETV-system determines its storage location and transports it to the loading dock.

After X-ray and scanner inspection at the export cargo department, the cargo is transported by carriers or platforms to the loading area. The operator guides the pallet loads on the conveyor to the ETV-system.

This section also has 4 loading bays. The ETV system delivers cargo according to the flight schedule. After the goods are fully loaded, their barcodes are scanned and removed from the system. The terminal has an automated storage/retention system for ULDs (unit loading devices) that can be enlarged.

Storage room for cars - 1 unit

Racks for loading pallets - 351 units

Special roller section for receiving mobiles - 6 units

Special roller section for loading/unloading machines - 6 units


Pressing for large cargo (ship) - 1 unit

Separate warehouses for dangerous goods - 2 units

1 electronic scale for 60-ton truck



High loader TREPLE CHAMP300 for heavy loads - 1 unit (7 tons)

High loader TREPLE CHAMP300 for heavy loads - 1 unit (15 tons)

Pitchfork loader  - 1 (3 ton) Hyundai

Pitchfork loader - 1 (5 ton) Hyundai

Pitchfork loader - 1 (7 ton) Hyundai


With new additions to the services section of the “”  website, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to register their cargo by filling out an online application from anywhere, and they can track the current status of the cargo by displaying the personal numbers of the airline assigned to the cargo in the cargo tracking section.

In addition, there is a cargo drop-off point on the 2nd floor of Ashgabat International Airport. Customers can drop off their small standard cargo weighing less than 5 kilograms.    

The cargo terminal is stocked with perishable goods, valuables, medical, and radioactive storage. The cargo management and storage system, automated with high-quality technologies, ensures compliance with international standards and requirements. Air transport has great potential for the growth of cargo operations, given its wider relevance to the global transit and unique cargo market. The transition of the Turkmen economy to innovation-based development also contributes to the increase in demand for cargo transportation services.

As a result of our National Leader's great attention to the development of civil aviation and the improvement of cargo transportation by air, Ashgabat International Airport has become an important part of the country's transportation infrastructure.


1. Using the cargo terminal of Ashgabat International Airport as a HUB for regional transit cargo of leading airlines to different countries.

2. Acquiring ACC3 status for cargo transport to the European Union for the necessary airlines through Ashgabat International Airport's RA3 certificate.

RA3 certificate: TM/RA3/00001-01

Country: Germany

3rd country: Turkmenistan

Deadline: 02/09/2024

Address: Ashgabat International Airport

Chief of the Service of postal and freight shipping
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