Cargo Terminal

The Cargo Terminal, located at the territory of Ashgabat International Airport is a modern ground handling structure in the region. Providing a wide range of world standard services, the Cargo Terminal is capable to grant all types of ground handling services thus meeting needed requirements of international operators. With its storage facilities the Cargo terminal is designed for handling of 200 tons of cargo per year. The Terminal works 24/7 providing a full scale of services to handle all categories of goods, including the hazardous ones. Customs clearance is carried out and the transfer of cargo transiting Ashgabat and moving to other Turkmen and International Airport is ensured at the Terminal. For the clients’ convenience the Terminal has office premises for airlines’ freight agents. The Terminal is equipped with modern standard technologies for cargo ground handling, including container and pallet handlers, container truck tractors, self-propelled conveyor belts, electric forklifts, container and pallet handling lines, lifting and picking tables, racks and weighing equipment.

The system of the size and weight dynamic measurement is used for the cargo to dispatch. The terminal has the specific storage space for explosives, valuables, radioactive and perishable goods.

IATA regulations are strictly observed on acceptance, clearance and storage of hazardous cargo at the Terminal.

The special handling technologies are used to ensure the enhanced safety measures when transporting the valuable goods.

The special refrigerators and freezers of the Cargo Terminal secure the storage of goods ensuring the compliance with temperature conditions on processing and storage of perishable goods.

Multi-ton loaders are used for handling of heavy cargo and the specifically equipped sites – for the storage of the oversize goods. A video surveillance system of the Terminal guarantees the control over the production process and stores the information for further usage.

Today the Terminal cooperates with such big International partners as CargoLux, Belavia, Fly Dubai, China Southern Airlines Company Limited, S7 Airlines, Turkish Airlines, etc.

Thanks to the huge efforts and care of the Leader of the Country and his attention to the development of Civil Aviation and the modernization of air transportation, Ashgabat International Airport has become the important part of the transport-transit infrastructure of the country. The main air carrier – AOOT “Turkmenistan Aviacompany” is equipped with superfine technologies being updated on a regular basis. Last year only the fleet of the Aviacompany got replenished by 3 new latest NG generation Boeing aircrafts.

In conclusion, once again I would like to emphasize the wise and invaluable support of the President of Turkmenistan which enabled to create all facilities for the civil aviation development and for the mutually beneficial cooperation.

It’s the joint work which will allow resolving all issues for the rapid and dynamic development of the transport industry, and demonstrate our openness to positive cooperation and dialogue.

Chief of the Service of postal and freight shipping
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  • (Working hours - from 9.00 am to 18.00 UTC +5.00)
Shift Supervisor of the Service of postal and freight shipping
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  • (Working hours – 24 hours/day)
Agent for Information of the Service of postal and freight shipping
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  • (Working hours - from 8.00 am to 20.00 UTC +5.00)